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Kuchisake-onna(The Slit- mouthed Woman)

Misaki wasn’t in a good mood. She had gotten a zero in mathematics even after she had tried to answer all the questions. She really couldn’t get that subject at all. It always made her head ache.
She sighed as she made her way through the deserted roads to her house which was at the outskirts of the town.
It was getting dark slowly, she had lost track of time today. The cultural festival of her school is fast approaching and her paranormal club’s haunted house isn’t ready yet. As the club president she had a responsibility to see that everything ran smoothly for the festival. Suddenly she heard footsteps behind her. Misaki ignored them, it is a road of course there can be footsteps behind her.
But after a few minutes when the footstep still didn’t pass her by even when she politely slowed her pace to let that person pass, Misaki got surprised. She suddenly turned...but there was no one.
She was sure she had heard footsteps for the last couple of minutes, then where could the person have gon…

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